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Hemorrhoid Treatments

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First major point – many gentle cases of hemorrhoids, if left on its own, will heal itself without further intervention such as medications and surgeries within a couple of weeks. There can be recurrence, but if the hemorrhoid is mild, you should not be anxious and your possibly don’t need to treat them other than thinking of changing your lifestyle.

At most, hemorrhoids are a chronic and critical problem, and in many cases, this means a long term solution and healing process. The best, prescribed treatment for many cases of hemorrhoids remains in management through diet and lifestyle change.

It is expectedly that if you change to eating nutritious, fiber-rich foods and get ample mild exercises, you can experience development in the status of your hemorrhoids within a couple of weeks, and you could expect a total recuperation after about a few months.

That is the possible outcome – there is no instant cure without choosing surgical treatments, and that is never the top choice treatments unless there’s a serious threat. Always, if you are in doubt, read the label and instructions. It will give you the necessary information on the prescription and what to do when it is not effective.

Symptomatic treatments refer to any type of treatments that focus on the symptoms. It includes anesthesia, laxatives, toners, vasoconstrictors, Sitz bath and hemorrhoid cushions. These treatments react in shorter terms to ease pain and inflammation in the hemorrhoids. For instance, ibuprofen, a generic pain reliever reduces the pain you feel, and also the inflammation.

These medications are great since they normally begin working as soon as you apply or take the medication. Ibuprofen can be taken as a capsule or rubbed directly to the affected area, as a cream or a gel, and will begin decreasing the pain within a matter of hours even minutes. They can give you immediate relief that is important to aid you throughout the day.
These treatments do not concentrate on the causes of the hemorrhoids, only on the symptoms that you can feel.

It does not mean that they cannot help you in getting rid of hemorrhoids – if a pain reliever helps you with the bowel movement sans the pain, it will significantly aid your constipation and that will have a soothing effect to the hemorrhoids. But when taken as a singular medication, they do not respond directly on the hemorrhoids to treat it or get rid of it, so if the hemorrhoids are chronic, you need to consider other treatments you can try.

Some herbal treatments or over-the-counter drugs are composed of a combination of various active ingredients that not only help boost your body’s healing process with supplements, but also fortifies the blood vessels, reduce inflammation and discomfort and can also aid you defecate smoothly.

Whether surgical treatments is for a direct elimination of hemorrhoids, or cutting off a enlargement so it will be killed from the lack of blood supply, injecting it with a liquid that will destroy it, surgical treatments are the only known straightforward treatment that will instantly eradicate the hemorrhoid entirely.

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